Monday, 1 September 2014

Ahhh, food...

My mum (I can call her that)!! She is making me dinner!

The recipe is easy.

Firstly, you take a large pot, with water in it, make the water boil, add a shake of tumeric, and a shake of chili, and a slosh of apple cider vinegar, put in some rice. If mum uses the smaller of the two big pots she has, then she put 4 mugs of rice, if she uses the bigger of the two, then she puts in 6 mugs of rice. Then, she adds the best bit, 1 tin of mackerel broken into bits, and 1 tin of pink salmon, again, broken into bits. She then leaves it to cook gently until the rice is cooked.

Now, mum has reasons for all these ingredients.

She learned from somewhere that apple cider vinegar is good for my internal workings, and it gives my coat its wonderful shine.

She adds tumeric, simply because she discovered  that I prefer yellow rice! Apparently it won't do me any harm!

Chili is there to make me fart! (did I say that out loud, he he he!) Apparently it helps keep me regular! (in the poop department, and makes my breath something special.)

The rice is carbs! I'm a highly active puppy, and mum likes me looking a little meaty, though she often complains to me that she can see my ribs no matter how much food she gives me!

Then the fish! Mmmmm mmmmmmm ... The fist has oil and other stuff. Apparently dogs like me can get hip and other joint issues. So she is feeding me all the good stuff to reduce the possibility of that in my old age! The fish also has bones in it, so I get calcium!

And for an extra special treat, she sometimes mixes into the cook rice a kilo of minced offal from the butcher. She gets it frozen and she partly defrosts it, then mixes it in so it mostly stays raw! That too is good for my tummy! Helps my tummy continue to work properly!

Then as dessert, I get some bones! Raw from the butcher! My dad buys these for me! He stores them in the freezer and I tell ya, on a hot day a frozen bone or 2 is just the best cooling treat!

Wishing you many happy barky days! (and good eating)

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