Monday, 8 September 2014

Talk of MY birthday!!

My mummy just worked out that, firstly, my birthday is 8 months away, and secondly, I am 16 months old!
Man, I've had a fun life so far! And I'm looking forward to this camping thing that the cub keeps saying she wants to do! Maybe, they'll do that for my birthday!

One of our visitors (from Germany, wherever that is, think I need to borrow the cubs globe and learn some geography), one of our visitors was talking about Exmouth, and mum looked it up on her map, and she said that according to her map, it was only 53 hours drive away, we could do it for a holiday. And dad said that while we are traveling, then we could go to Kangaroo Island, and go on a river cruise so a winery (mum went to this particular winery, she said she wants to go back), and dad wants to go gold hunting...

I think I might be getting a road trip for my birthday!
I don't mind! Bring it on!

Wishing you many happy barky days!


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