Friday, 12 September 2014

Growing up

Mum and dad gave me my "big boy" neckwear! Mum says it makes me look big and tough! She also says for household security I need to uphold that reputation! I think I can so that! I am a German Shepherd after all!
I've been having speed training with Turbo (aka Slowmo)... Though today, I took up training with the "girls"!
The girls are red dogs. Hard working, faster than Slowmo, snappy ladies. There's two of them, so they keep me on my toes! Though, mum says that I should have a greyhound to train with! Though, I can run faster than any human mum knows!
I can pull my family around the yard with my tug-o-war rope, and mums been teaching me my doggy dads habit - leaning. So far, I've almost pushed mum over simply by leaning on her. She says that it is a good thing as a tool in my defense strategy. Oh, and then there's my teeth. Mum has been trying to get a photo of me showing my teeth! She says its really hard to do because I smile at her instead of showing my teeth. Maybe she should ask the neighbours to take a photo of me while I'm barking at them! I show my teeth then!
Oh yeah, best not forget my tail. I smacked mum in the head good and proper with it once. She says it makes a good weapon! I just need to learn how to control it a bit better!
Then there's my "mountaineering spikes", I tried to put one of them through mums foot once. I didn't mean to. It just happened. It left a nasty bruise on her foot for a week or so. And as my last defense of the house... Bone shards and chunks, and puppy bombs. Or as Oreo called them - truffles! (yes he enjoyed recycling his poop! He said if it was good first time, why leave it to sit and fertilize the lawn when it would be just as good second time! No wonder mum called him feral.) He also enjoyed the cats "truffles". Ick. I know he got fed good food, and plenty of it, so why did he like recycling? Oh, yeah, that's right - he was part Labrador, and they never know when to stop eating.
That reminds me. I was reading an earlier post. One made by Razzy, reporting on Oreos death. As it turned out. It wasn't a snake bite that killed Oreo. It was his insatiable appetite! He ate a poisoned rat. Stupid dog! Only thinking of his tummy!
I'm going to bed now! Good night, sleep well!

Wishing you many happy barky days!


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