Tuesday, 9 September 2014


Dad found my brush today. And cub spread my fur far and wide so if any nesting birds are near by, who need to make a nest or add to it, they can!

I don't really like standing still to be brushed, but boy it feels good!  So much better than being plucked! And dad says that it makes me look less scruffy! What's so bad about looking scruffy?

Mum was helping hold onto me, and she got coated in me! She smells like me, or at least she did before her shower!

Mum planted out some corn plants and pea seeds today. Then she fenced it off so I can't run over it. Dad says that my racing tracks need to move. So mum is forcing change by putting up obstacles and barriers! She says I get too set in my ways with my running and simply plow things under foot! So there is a new piece of fence up! The neighbours might like it... I can't stand in the corner of the yard and bark at them when they swear at me! Mum doesn't like me barking at them, or them swearing at me, so she is trying to make some changes as to where I can go in the yard. And the front corner is now out of reach to me!

Mum is hoping that the peas and corn will grow nicely there! She even planted extra corn seed just to make sure! Then, once the peas and corn have been harvested, some permanent plants will be going there. Mum and dad like the idea of attracting pretty birds into the yard. And unlike Oreo, I'm not all that interested in birds. Oreo managed to catch and kill a magpie and a gallah! The magpies never forgot what Oreo did, and they swooped him and chased him.

We had gallahs in the yard today, and I was more interested in chasing Slowmo (Turbo)! Even though mum said I should be resting my leg/paw!

Anyways, I'm going. Mum is really pushing this rest thing!

Wishing you many happy barky days!


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