Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Holes, vanished limps, teaching time and wind...

Well, mum is pleased to inform me that my mysterious limp from yesterday seems to be gone. However, she will still be watching me for the next few days, just to make sure!

She brought me inside earlier today to look at my ears. The light was playing tricks on her and she thought that somehow I had managed to get a hole right through my ear! Thankfully, that is not the case. And, I am so very thankful that this time, she was seeing things. She says my ears look good and healthy.

All these health checks. Maybe mum should become a vet nurse! She pays that much attention to me. Though it was dad who discovered the problem under my collar. Mum issued my prescription of treatment. Warm soapy bath, warm rinse, and white powder to help it dry out, and no scratching. Got my butt kicked several times for scratching. But, after mums prescribed treatment, it only took around a week and I was all better! Now, I'm busy growing my fur back.

I know mums got me covered!

Dad just told me to sit down and not act like a pork chop. I don't know how to do that! I know the sit part fairly well, but the rest - I'm not so sure about! I guess that's dads way of saying I'm causing confusion and delay.

I've been volunteered to teach the cub today. I don't know how to do that either!

And I'm kinda glad I'm inside. Its rather windy out!

Wishing you many happy barky days!


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