Tuesday, 16 September 2014

I dug up the peas ... Again!!

I got into the corner garden again. Mum thought it was by accident. But now she believes its because of a certain irresistible smell! Fertiliser! Blood and bone to be precise. And I love it! I'm not meaning to do any harm, but I really can't resist.
Mum told me today that while the family was out, she collected some poop!
Poop, of all things... Some roo poop (also known as roop) and horse poop. Apparently it's for the garden I keep digging up. If the veg grows, mum won't be too upset with me. She did put the garden back together today, and put in an extra tent peg for the bottom of the fence, and made it harder for me to get into! She hopes I can keep my sniffer to myself to let the peas, corn, tomatoes and pumpkin grow!
And she says that if they do grow, I might get a taste!
Oh and of the peas I dug up the other day, that she replanted... They seem to be growing, but I can't tell, because they are behind some wire, safely tucked away in with the Razzy rose. She says that she also found some snow peas growing there too! She'd given up hope that they would grow!
And as for the poop, its going to be spread around tomorrow! Mum says that I shouldn't try it. Its currently out of my reach, but that will change tomorrow!
I guess with all this garden stuff, I'm learning how to be a gardener! Or maybe not! But for now I'm going to sit and watch the fam eat their dessert, and I might get to sit on mums lap again! If she'll have me!

Wishing you many happy barky days!


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