Wednesday, 3 September 2014

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it...

My mum and dad must be getting better... They took some time to wrestle with me, then dad practiced his Jedi skills to put me to sleep... It almost worked too! But I was just too worked up and too happy to lay on my blanket (in front of the fire) and sleep! Though, when they work together they wear me out! I bet the will sleep well tonight! And what's more, mum didn't hurt her wrist because they were sitting down on the lounges, wrestling me with their legs! Mum says that playing that way is a good leg exercise, and good lung exercise (cause they laughed so much). I would have laughed with them, but I don't know how! So I just gave them both the biggest smile that would fit on my face! They know that they made me happy! Oh, and I did steal one of mums slippers a couple of times, and she warned dad to not crash into any of my teeth!

When I play, I'm so happy that I play with a smile on my face. Mum says this makes tug-o-war next to impossible, because I keep smiling and forget to hold the rope. Though, when I do remember to hold the rope, I can pull my entire family around the yard! I'm strong!

I like to smile! It brings joy to all those who see it (well, almost all... There are some who are not pleased with my smile. And that makes me sad.)!!

Wishing you many happy barky smiley days!

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