Monday, 30 March 2015

Poor Horse

Mum and Dad have been discussing the living conditions for the four legged thing they call a horse. Its next door in less than a quarter of an acre, with grass that is less than an inch tall. They have this wire cage thing with a trampoline mat over the top! While that will give the horse a little shade, what's stopping it getting soaked in the rain?
The only people that Mum and I have seen go near this horse was two guys who chased it around and kinda terrorised it! That day, I was inside, and Mum was standing at the back door watching these guys! She had the screen door closed, I I could see the horse too! Then I spied the guys chasing it around and I started moaning and trying to get out. So Mum opened the door, I raced down and barked at the guys. Mum then called me back in! Shortly after they left in a white two door Ute with a tray on the back!
Today Mum had a look at the horse. And she said its been given a small amount of hay, but she is concerned that it doesn't really have much to eat!
I wonder if there is still enough warmth in the ground for the grass to grow a bit more after this rain finishes up!? We've started having frosts.
They don't even take the horse inside to curl up by the fire, and its got no visible blanket to keep it warm! Do horses go inside and sleep in front of the fire? If they don't, they should! Its goooood! When it first arrived Mum had to tell me off several times because it was skittish and I thought it was just an extra big dog to play with! I know now that it isn't! And Mum says it (she calls it a he) says it doesn't need me harassing it, because Turbo does that enough!
The neighbours will be going away in a few days, and Mum and Dad have plans to dump a pile of our grass over the fence for the horse! Its lookin skinny!
I wonder how long it will stay! Their goat ended up being sent away. I wonder if they will grow bored of the horse and eventually send it away too!
I'd like it if it could live in my yard. But Mum insists that my yard is not big enough! Though there is more grass in my yard!
I'd like to have the horse as a play mate! They do play with dogs don't they?

I have to go. I'm hearing strange noises in the laundry and that's where Dad headed. I need to check on him and make sure he's ok. Can't have someone sneaking in the house to hurt him. Not on my watch!

Wishing you many happy barky days!