Friday, 26 September 2014

Built in blankets...

Mum says I have built in blankets on my bum! She says this because my winter fur is coming out quicker then she can get rid of it! Thus, the tufts are becoming mats and mum doesn't want my mats to become blankets! Which in some spots is starting to happen!
So to solve the issue she tackled me to the ground and brushed my bum! She got a "mountain" of fur! And she says I still have more to be brushed out! The problem I have is that my bum and my man bits are very close, and I don't want my man bits brushed! Up until now mum had just been pulling out whatever tufts she could see. But then she spied the mats, and the brush came out! I moaned and struggled to get away. Then dad stepped in and helped mum! I was hoping he would help me! But he says that if mum says the mats must go, then the mats must go.
At least I'm going to get fed shortly. I'll be outside again, out of the reach of the brush!

Wishing you many happy barky days!


Thursday, 18 September 2014

Dear blog

Today I got into super huge trouble. Dad wrestled me to the ground, and carried me to the back door where he put me on my chain. I wasn't doing what I was told, I was running around and barking at the other dogs (neighbours, on both sides) and causing a riot! During my wrestle with dad I kicked myself in the face and am now missing two small patches of fur under my right eye!

Then while the cub was playing with a ball on a rope attached to a pole, I decided that I would like to play too. Mum told me I wasn't allowed to. She knows I make short work of tennis balls. I managed to slobber on the ball. That was before mum dragged me back to my chain and chained me up ... again!

And then, while mum was taking some photos of some ants and rocks, I kept getting in the way. Then I found a bone, and started dumping it near mum or at dads feet, I even tried to park it on dads lap. He wasn't too thrilled with that idea, and threatened to dump it in the bin. It seemed mum liked that idea, and dumped my bone in the bin, just before it got emptied. Then after dad brought the bin back into the yard (and I gave it a good sniff for securities sake), mum went and found several more bones and tossed them in the bin.

On the positive side of things, I got a fresh (frozen) lot of bones given to me.

And mum brushed and brushed me. My fur is all over the back yard, and floating in the breeze. She says that she got 8 brush fills of fur and I still don't look brushed! She's amazed about how thick my winter coat is.

Well until next time...

Wishing you many happy barky days!


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

I dug up the peas ... Again!!

I got into the corner garden again. Mum thought it was by accident. But now she believes its because of a certain irresistible smell! Fertiliser! Blood and bone to be precise. And I love it! I'm not meaning to do any harm, but I really can't resist.
Mum told me today that while the family was out, she collected some poop!
Poop, of all things... Some roo poop (also known as roop) and horse poop. Apparently it's for the garden I keep digging up. If the veg grows, mum won't be too upset with me. She did put the garden back together today, and put in an extra tent peg for the bottom of the fence, and made it harder for me to get into! She hopes I can keep my sniffer to myself to let the peas, corn, tomatoes and pumpkin grow!
And she says that if they do grow, I might get a taste!
Oh and of the peas I dug up the other day, that she replanted... They seem to be growing, but I can't tell, because they are behind some wire, safely tucked away in with the Razzy rose. She says that she also found some snow peas growing there too! She'd given up hope that they would grow!
And as for the poop, its going to be spread around tomorrow! Mum says that I shouldn't try it. Its currently out of my reach, but that will change tomorrow!
I guess with all this garden stuff, I'm learning how to be a gardener! Or maybe not! But for now I'm going to sit and watch the fam eat their dessert, and I might get to sit on mums lap again! If she'll have me!

Wishing you many happy barky days!


Monday, 15 September 2014

I dug the peas up... :(

Mummy said I was a really really naughty boy... She had some peas growing next to Razzys rose bush. Some of them were the length of my front paws, and I dug them up.
She replanted them. Some within the enclosure of Razzys rose, and some in the newly extended corner garden. She is hoping that they will all survive.
Then to add to my naughtiness, I barked at an elderly dog, its dog friend and their owner as they walked past. Mum growled at me, and then she put me on my chain at the backdoor. Of course, I was only chained for around half an hour. (Long enough for her to finish replanting the peas.) And because I harassed her while she was trying to replant her peas, she chucked my half tennis ball in the bin! :(
Before she'd let me go from being on my chain, she plucked out more of my winter coat.
Life isn't too bad. I found the bones dad put out for me, before I was being a naughty boy.
I'm glad mum can't stay angry with me for too long. I do love her.
But I tell ya, I wouldn't recommend breaking into mum and dads home... Mum can be downright scary when she's angry. And that's an understatement of huge proportions. There's this rumour that she has a baseball bat, and she knows how to use it! I've never seen it, then again I don't know what one looks like, but apparently it exists... So whatever you do, don't try breaking into mum and dads house! Aside from the fact that you'll get the pleasure (or displeasure) of meeting my bark and my teeth!

Wishing you many happy barky days!


Friday, 12 September 2014

Growing up

Mum and dad gave me my "big boy" neckwear! Mum says it makes me look big and tough! She also says for household security I need to uphold that reputation! I think I can so that! I am a German Shepherd after all!
I've been having speed training with Turbo (aka Slowmo)... Though today, I took up training with the "girls"!
The girls are red dogs. Hard working, faster than Slowmo, snappy ladies. There's two of them, so they keep me on my toes! Though, mum says that I should have a greyhound to train with! Though, I can run faster than any human mum knows!
I can pull my family around the yard with my tug-o-war rope, and mums been teaching me my doggy dads habit - leaning. So far, I've almost pushed mum over simply by leaning on her. She says that it is a good thing as a tool in my defense strategy. Oh, and then there's my teeth. Mum has been trying to get a photo of me showing my teeth! She says its really hard to do because I smile at her instead of showing my teeth. Maybe she should ask the neighbours to take a photo of me while I'm barking at them! I show my teeth then!
Oh yeah, best not forget my tail. I smacked mum in the head good and proper with it once. She says it makes a good weapon! I just need to learn how to control it a bit better!
Then there's my "mountaineering spikes", I tried to put one of them through mums foot once. I didn't mean to. It just happened. It left a nasty bruise on her foot for a week or so. And as my last defense of the house... Bone shards and chunks, and puppy bombs. Or as Oreo called them - truffles! (yes he enjoyed recycling his poop! He said if it was good first time, why leave it to sit and fertilize the lawn when it would be just as good second time! No wonder mum called him feral.) He also enjoyed the cats "truffles". Ick. I know he got fed good food, and plenty of it, so why did he like recycling? Oh, yeah, that's right - he was part Labrador, and they never know when to stop eating.
That reminds me. I was reading an earlier post. One made by Razzy, reporting on Oreos death. As it turned out. It wasn't a snake bite that killed Oreo. It was his insatiable appetite! He ate a poisoned rat. Stupid dog! Only thinking of his tummy!
I'm going to bed now! Good night, sleep well!

Wishing you many happy barky days!


Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Trashed garden (oops)

I was a naughty boy today. But in my defense, I got stuck...

See, yesterday mum planted her corn plants, in a section of my running track. She fenced it off and thought she had stopped me getting to the corns... She was mostly right, but sadly wrong.

Let me explain...

The postie came past, and I bark at him. Mum wants me to stop that behaviour. I have a habit of running from one side if the yard to the other and back again. Well, I got to one side, slipped under the fence mum put up and got stuck. Thus, I ploughed her corn plants. Somehow I managed to get out without breaking myself, but by then, the damage was done.

Mum says that if I hadn't been barking at the postie, then I wouldn't have gotten stuck on the wrong side of the fence.

She went out, fixed the mess I made, planted some new corn seeds and found some plants still relatively undamaged. She gave them all a good water and put the fence back. Its somewhat stronger and a bit more "Hannibal" proof! She even bashed in some tent pegs to stop me accidentally slipping under the fence!

So far, her fence adjustment has worked! I just hope that her plants grow.

I did tell her I was sorry. Mum really wants me to learn to like the postie.

Wishing you many happy barky days!


Holes, vanished limps, teaching time and wind...

Well, mum is pleased to inform me that my mysterious limp from yesterday seems to be gone. However, she will still be watching me for the next few days, just to make sure!

She brought me inside earlier today to look at my ears. The light was playing tricks on her and she thought that somehow I had managed to get a hole right through my ear! Thankfully, that is not the case. And, I am so very thankful that this time, she was seeing things. She says my ears look good and healthy.

All these health checks. Maybe mum should become a vet nurse! She pays that much attention to me. Though it was dad who discovered the problem under my collar. Mum issued my prescription of treatment. Warm soapy bath, warm rinse, and white powder to help it dry out, and no scratching. Got my butt kicked several times for scratching. But, after mums prescribed treatment, it only took around a week and I was all better! Now, I'm busy growing my fur back.

I know mums got me covered!

Dad just told me to sit down and not act like a pork chop. I don't know how to do that! I know the sit part fairly well, but the rest - I'm not so sure about! I guess that's dads way of saying I'm causing confusion and delay.

I've been volunteered to teach the cub today. I don't know how to do that either!

And I'm kinda glad I'm inside. Its rather windy out!

Wishing you many happy barky days!


Tuesday, 9 September 2014


Dad found my brush today. And cub spread my fur far and wide so if any nesting birds are near by, who need to make a nest or add to it, they can!

I don't really like standing still to be brushed, but boy it feels good!  So much better than being plucked! And dad says that it makes me look less scruffy! What's so bad about looking scruffy?

Mum was helping hold onto me, and she got coated in me! She smells like me, or at least she did before her shower!

Mum planted out some corn plants and pea seeds today. Then she fenced it off so I can't run over it. Dad says that my racing tracks need to move. So mum is forcing change by putting up obstacles and barriers! She says I get too set in my ways with my running and simply plow things under foot! So there is a new piece of fence up! The neighbours might like it... I can't stand in the corner of the yard and bark at them when they swear at me! Mum doesn't like me barking at them, or them swearing at me, so she is trying to make some changes as to where I can go in the yard. And the front corner is now out of reach to me!

Mum is hoping that the peas and corn will grow nicely there! She even planted extra corn seed just to make sure! Then, once the peas and corn have been harvested, some permanent plants will be going there. Mum and dad like the idea of attracting pretty birds into the yard. And unlike Oreo, I'm not all that interested in birds. Oreo managed to catch and kill a magpie and a gallah! The magpies never forgot what Oreo did, and they swooped him and chased him.

We had gallahs in the yard today, and I was more interested in chasing Slowmo (Turbo)! Even though mum said I should be resting my leg/paw!

Anyways, I'm going. Mum is really pushing this rest thing!

Wishing you many happy barky days!


Got a limp

I hurt myself today, and mum is concerned! I'm under house arrest, and mum keeps telling me to sit down and rest my saw paw! Of course, I'm not really wanting to listen and obey! I just want to run around. But mum won't let me. :(
Mum and dad have both looked at my paw, spread my toes apart, poked, prodded, found a piece of fluff, had a good look, but can't work out what I've done! And I'm not telling, cause its not really worrying me that much. I'm just limping a bit! Oh well, on the plus side, I'm getting a lot more hugs then normal! And I normally get a lot of hugs!

Wishing you many happy barky days!


Monday, 8 September 2014

Talk of MY birthday!!

My mummy just worked out that, firstly, my birthday is 8 months away, and secondly, I am 16 months old!
Man, I've had a fun life so far! And I'm looking forward to this camping thing that the cub keeps saying she wants to do! Maybe, they'll do that for my birthday!

One of our visitors (from Germany, wherever that is, think I need to borrow the cubs globe and learn some geography), one of our visitors was talking about Exmouth, and mum looked it up on her map, and she said that according to her map, it was only 53 hours drive away, we could do it for a holiday. And dad said that while we are traveling, then we could go to Kangaroo Island, and go on a river cruise so a winery (mum went to this particular winery, she said she wants to go back), and dad wants to go gold hunting...

I think I might be getting a road trip for my birthday!
I don't mind! Bring it on!

Wishing you many happy barky days!


Sunday, 7 September 2014

Waiting and expected to perform the impossible (or maybe slightly probable).

How is it that I can be expected to sleep while my food cooks?? My mum expects me to lay down on my blanket and sleep while mere feet away my food is gently cooking on the fire? I know its gonna be good? But really? Can a boy be expected to sleep whilst smelling the tantalising smell of dinner wafting around my nostrils?

<yawn> Nope - not falling asleep! Not even close! <yawn>

Wishing you many happy barky days!


Thursday, 4 September 2014

Dogs don't get red wine in their dinner!

Mum is at it again, making wonderful tantelising smells! Oh, I just love her cooking. But she is telling me that it is not for me.  I have seen her bring out diced beef, which is in the pot browning up, and on the table is onion (one purple, one brown), garlic, leeks, broccoli, zucchini, baby spinach leaves, a small bit of cream, hot English mustard, pepper and red wine... Apparently dad will be preparing the potato and carrot!

Mum is making soup! And I am all a-drool! The floor is wet from my salivation! I can't wait to taste it, but, its not for me! But I know that if the little person doesn't eat hers, then I'll get a taste then! Is it ok if I wish that the little person doesn't eat? I LOVE mummys cooking!!!

Wishing you many happy barky days!


Hunted and plucked!

Spring is here and so is plucking season!

Mum and dad decided today to hunt me down and pluck me!

I was out playing with Turbo (who really should be called "slowmo"), when the two commenced their hunt. I slipped past them twice, but then dad used his authority voice and I laid down. They pounced, and commenced the first pluck of the season. And boy do I feel better! The first lot of winter coat has gone! And if it is anything like last season, then they will need to pluck and brush my coat out of me right through until winter!
My coat is so thick, and my feet just can't do it all. I am glad that mum and dad help me. Otherwise I'd roast in summer!
Last year I had the cat helping me! I still remember the beard he wore! Made him look distinguished and cute!
Now that I'm wearing less coat I can be even faster than Slowmo!!

Wishing you many comfortable happy barky days!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it...

My mum and dad must be getting better... They took some time to wrestle with me, then dad practiced his Jedi skills to put me to sleep... It almost worked too! But I was just too worked up and too happy to lay on my blanket (in front of the fire) and sleep! Though, when they work together they wear me out! I bet the will sleep well tonight! And what's more, mum didn't hurt her wrist because they were sitting down on the lounges, wrestling me with their legs! Mum says that playing that way is a good leg exercise, and good lung exercise (cause they laughed so much). I would have laughed with them, but I don't know how! So I just gave them both the biggest smile that would fit on my face! They know that they made me happy! Oh, and I did steal one of mums slippers a couple of times, and she warned dad to not crash into any of my teeth!

When I play, I'm so happy that I play with a smile on my face. Mum says this makes tug-o-war next to impossible, because I keep smiling and forget to hold the rope. Though, when I do remember to hold the rope, I can pull my entire family around the yard! I'm strong!

I like to smile! It brings joy to all those who see it (well, almost all... There are some who are not pleased with my smile. And that makes me sad.)!!

Wishing you many happy barky smiley days!

Monday, 1 September 2014

Ahhh, food...

My mum (I can call her that)!! She is making me dinner!

The recipe is easy.

Firstly, you take a large pot, with water in it, make the water boil, add a shake of tumeric, and a shake of chili, and a slosh of apple cider vinegar, put in some rice. If mum uses the smaller of the two big pots she has, then she put 4 mugs of rice, if she uses the bigger of the two, then she puts in 6 mugs of rice. Then, she adds the best bit, 1 tin of mackerel broken into bits, and 1 tin of pink salmon, again, broken into bits. She then leaves it to cook gently until the rice is cooked.

Now, mum has reasons for all these ingredients.

She learned from somewhere that apple cider vinegar is good for my internal workings, and it gives my coat its wonderful shine.

She adds tumeric, simply because she discovered  that I prefer yellow rice! Apparently it won't do me any harm!

Chili is there to make me fart! (did I say that out loud, he he he!) Apparently it helps keep me regular! (in the poop department, and makes my breath something special.)

The rice is carbs! I'm a highly active puppy, and mum likes me looking a little meaty, though she often complains to me that she can see my ribs no matter how much food she gives me!

Then the fish! Mmmmm mmmmmmm ... The fist has oil and other stuff. Apparently dogs like me can get hip and other joint issues. So she is feeding me all the good stuff to reduce the possibility of that in my old age! The fish also has bones in it, so I get calcium!

And for an extra special treat, she sometimes mixes into the cook rice a kilo of minced offal from the butcher. She gets it frozen and she partly defrosts it, then mixes it in so it mostly stays raw! That too is good for my tummy! Helps my tummy continue to work properly!

Then as dessert, I get some bones! Raw from the butcher! My dad buys these for me! He stores them in the freezer and I tell ya, on a hot day a frozen bone or 2 is just the best cooling treat!

Wishing you many happy barky days! (and good eating)