Thursday, 28 November 2013

Arrrwooofff!! :)

Hello everybody!

I am Hannibal! The happy hairy dog!
I am a German Shepherd boy!

I love my new home and recently had to say goodbye to the resident cat! He and I didn't get along so well! It seemed that he didn't really like being my toy! He tried to shred my ears, he pulled out my hair, mouthfuls at a time! My mum had to come and remove his beard! (It was actually my hair all over his chin!)

When he wasn't hissing, snarling, trying to shred me, or punching me - he was a nice cat!

I tried to help my dad dig the hole to bury the cat, but I wasn't allowed to help! I kept getting in trouble for dropping my toys in it!

I love my toys! Mum and Dad got me a squeaky bone (which doesn't squeak any more), I have Oreos old kong and wheel, and I have a tug-o-war rope, a dumbell, and some balls!

I'm allowed to sleep inside during winter! And most people love me! Those that dont are the ones I bark at!

I only bark at them because they insist on bringing their dogs near my yard! And there have been some who seem to want to cause trouble! I dont let them in the yard!

Mum says that I'm a great guard dog! And I'm already bigger than Oreo was - and I'm not a year old yet!

I ride in the car! I get left in the car with my head hanging out the window - dad doesn't lock the car when I'm in it! Other people dont want to come near the car! I defend it like I do my house and yard!

I have been told I am loud! My grandmother (whoom I have not met yet), says she can hear my growl and my "quiet" bark when she is talking on the phone to my mum!

And one other thing - my mum says that there is someone I need to meet! Her name is Schadow! She is a German Shepherd, like me! And her mum is "mate" shopping! And apparently I am a vaguely possible "shoe in" for the position of dad! :)

And I heard just the other day that we will be getting two new cats! But mum wants a cat run built first! I'm not sure what a cat run is! I wonder if it has anything to do with sports! :) Either way - two new cats equals twice the fluffy fun! And possibly twice as many shredding attempts on my ears!

Here's to a happy life at my new forever home!
Barks to you all!

Thursday, 27 June 2013

sad day

This post is brought to you by Razin Kasheikh.

It is my sad duty to inform all of Oreos readers that he recently died! My humans think that Oreos death was the result of a snake bite! Oreo never really did have any smarts when it came to repitles.

He had a home burial in the back yard!

As a consequence, I've had no bash buddy! Oreo - why did you have to die?

The good news is that a new dog is coming to live here! And he will maybe continue on with this blog! That may take a while - he is only 7weeks old!

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! But you had to be told!

Razin Kasheikh (The Cat)

Friday, 25 January 2013

Cat away from home

The Cat keeps telling me to leave him alone, he's had a hard few days! I wonder how that is possible... He was bundled into the car and taken for a short holiday! Spoilt kitty!
He left here on the morning my master was supposed to go to her prayer meeting... She didn't go because they all left too late!
They loaded the car and the boy that stayed over was told to get in too! They didn't bring home home! :(
Mr Kitty Kasheikh was loaded into the car, I was given orders to look after the house, and they drove off without me!
I must admit, I didn't starve or anything! My master threw bones all over the front yard for me to munch and just before they left, my other master put out a bowl of food for me! I was stuffed fat! Couldn't eat another bit even if I tried! My master says that if I eat too much I may just cause myself to explode!
They got home last night, and Mr Kitty Kasheikh says to me to leave him alone! He needs to recover! Recover from what? A day at the beach! Relaxing on the lounge! Snoozing on a bed! Spoilt cat!
He gets a holiday and I get to guard the house! The life of a dog!

I hope you have a happy, waggy tailed day.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

aah crumbs ...

What did I do that was so wrong to have me on my chain??
I found the cat who went AWOL. I tried my hardest to catch the cat! Then I dashed inside to see if I could have a quick snack in his toilet! I don't understand why I was unceremoniously dragged outside, marched to my house, had the chain put around my neck and told "get in and stay there"! What did I do that was so wrong? The cat is inside again - why am I being punished? Oh well, at least I will get my freedom returned to me in the morning... I hope.

Have a happy waggy tailed day.