Thursday, 28 November 2013

Arrrwooofff!! :)

Hello everybody!

I am Hannibal! The happy hairy dog!
I am a German Shepherd boy!

I love my new home and recently had to say goodbye to the resident cat! He and I didn't get along so well! It seemed that he didn't really like being my toy! He tried to shred my ears, he pulled out my hair, mouthfuls at a time! My mum had to come and remove his beard! (It was actually my hair all over his chin!)

When he wasn't hissing, snarling, trying to shred me, or punching me - he was a nice cat!

I tried to help my dad dig the hole to bury the cat, but I wasn't allowed to help! I kept getting in trouble for dropping my toys in it!

I love my toys! Mum and Dad got me a squeaky bone (which doesn't squeak any more), I have Oreos old kong and wheel, and I have a tug-o-war rope, a dumbell, and some balls!

I'm allowed to sleep inside during winter! And most people love me! Those that dont are the ones I bark at!

I only bark at them because they insist on bringing their dogs near my yard! And there have been some who seem to want to cause trouble! I dont let them in the yard!

Mum says that I'm a great guard dog! And I'm already bigger than Oreo was - and I'm not a year old yet!

I ride in the car! I get left in the car with my head hanging out the window - dad doesn't lock the car when I'm in it! Other people dont want to come near the car! I defend it like I do my house and yard!

I have been told I am loud! My grandmother (whoom I have not met yet), says she can hear my growl and my "quiet" bark when she is talking on the phone to my mum!

And one other thing - my mum says that there is someone I need to meet! Her name is Schadow! She is a German Shepherd, like me! And her mum is "mate" shopping! And apparently I am a vaguely possible "shoe in" for the position of dad! :)

And I heard just the other day that we will be getting two new cats! But mum wants a cat run built first! I'm not sure what a cat run is! I wonder if it has anything to do with sports! :) Either way - two new cats equals twice the fluffy fun! And possibly twice as many shredding attempts on my ears!

Here's to a happy life at my new forever home!
Barks to you all!

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