Saturday, 3 November 2012

Friday, 2 November 2012

Squish the cat, Squish the cat - its time to play squish the cat!! :)

Firstly - to play the game "Squish the Cat" you need to entice the cat outside - or in the case of my cat - i just need to tangle myself in his lead and I can pull him outside! Then as quickly as you can you need to throw yourself on the cat! Thus you successfully squish the cat! But -  you need to be ready at any moment to move at the speed of lightning - some cats will call out to the boss with a distressed sound - that is your cue to move as far away and as fast as possibly so you don't get caught squishing the cat!

Yesterday in my game I found myself with the cats head in my mouth! Bit too fluffy for my liking! Apparently I wounded him and my boss was not happy with me...

I decided to try and continue my game today... But the boss caught me! She yelled too! The cat had already gone feral and was attacking anything and everything that moved!

I was kinda hoping that she would put the cat down for biting her! But it never happened!

See - my mum (Kahlua) told me of a dog that lived her once and is buried in the back yard! This dog attacked my mum and my boss had to keep the two apart! But then this dog bit my boss and the dog was put down!

Every dog has been warned that the punishment for biting the boss is death! So I was kinda hoping that if I could encourage the cat to bite the boss then he would find himself on the receiving end of a final needle from the vet! But no - all it got me was this chain around my neck and being ignored! And the cat - he got fed fresh food and even baby spinach leaves! (These are a treat for him that he just cant get enough of!)

Somehow the balance is tilted in the cats favour! I don't think I'll be playing squish the cat for a while! He has again gained the upper paw!

So while I'm in "solitary confinement" in my dog box - I hope you have a happy waggy tailed day.


Thursday, 1 November 2012

“Emperor” Kasheikh

emperor – emperor … who does that cat think he is?? calling himself emperor!! Proclaiming himself as an emperor!! I told him I will not bow to him and what did he do? He put several holes in my face! If he's an emperor then I'm a duck!

On a much different note... my boss told me I did a good job last night! I kept the trick or treaters away really well! My boss was really really upset last night. So I helped keep the peace for her! It seems that this halloween stuff has an adverse affect on her! And she really doesn't like it!

Hope you have a happy waggy tailed day! Thanks for stopping by for a visit.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

hahaha...wash cat.... hahaha...toilet

What a cracker!! How to bath the cat! Love it! Although, I won't tell my boss to do that - knowing her - if I suggest that the cat get flushed a couple of times - I'd probably end up the one being flushed!! Besides, who knows what that cat of hers schemes in his fluffy little head!!

If I move to the wrong place he meows in a painful sounding way and I get in trouble for hurting him - even if I haven't so much as raised an eye brow in his direction! She is wrapped around all 4 of his paws! He thinks I'm just a stupid dog, but I see through his cunning and crafty act!

He gets fed for nothing and I have to work for my food! Its hard running around the yard barking at everything and anything that moves and looks light it might consider coming into the yard... What does the cat do all day?? Lays around sleeping in the sun!

He says his job is very important... But what's so important about sleeping??

I must admit, that without him I wouldn't have any of those yummy kitty truffle snacks! That's the only really important thing he needs to do - eat! So I get his truffles!!

I guess I'd better get back to work... gonna get a lot busier in the next few days, with Halloween coming up!

Halloween is one of my bosses pet hates! So I'm on duty making sure no-one disturbs her peace on that night!

Hope you have a happy waggy tailed day, and thanks for stopping by for a visit!

Monday, 15 October 2012


My boss laughed at me again today... this time it was because she called me and I came running straight into the cats claws and teeth! I think that its not fair that I should be regularly bashed by the cat and no one comes to help me!
And when I do decide I need to defend myself, I get yelled at! The cat scares me! (Of course I chase any other cat I can - not that I'm allowed to!)
My boss thinks its funny that the cat can knock me off my feet and put me on my back!
How does the cat know all my wrestling moves?? Is it true that my boss wrestles with the cat, and teaches him all my moves, so that he can wrestle me and win?? That's just unfair! The cat always fights to win!

On a brighter note - we haven't had any cold white stuff falling from the sky!

I've done my best at defending the property! We had a bunch of people just up the road standing around talking... whenever they looked like the were coming my way I gave them some warning barks! I don't like people outside my yard...

If it wasn't for the cat, I'd go lay down and relax! But I'm not allowed to do that! I've been told that when he is outside I need to "look after" him! I think he can "look after" himself! And the lizards are outside too, so I need to make sure no-one can hurt them either!!

I guess I'd best get back to work!

Hope you have a happy waggy tailed day. Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, 13 October 2012

What is that white stuff all over the ground?

My boss came flying out the back door yesterday with the camera in her hand... I thought she wanted photos of me - but no - she was all excited about the white stuff on the ground! It was really cold too!

Give a dog a break - I'm almost 3 and never seen this stuff before! I was told it is called snow! And apparently the day has been given the name of Snow Day! My boss didn't stay home long. The entire family went out! Not sure if the cat went with them or not, he probably did! They told me to get in my box and stay there! I wasn't offered a warm place inside! No I was told to look after the house and not get too wet! They left me! The last thing I remember the boss yelling at me before she drove off was "if you're cold sleep in your box - its carpeted!" So instead, I played in the snow! It wasn't much fun by myself!

When my boss finally came home I was growled at because I was all wet! I was told that if I had have stayed dry I might have been able to come inside for a few hours! So I sat on the back steps and sulked!

Today however, the sun is out!

Hope you have a happy waggy tailed day. Thank you for visiting.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

How I got my name

My boss found out that I've been sneaking in to use her computer... She's not happy with me, but - she has allowed me to continue my blog! (I bet the cat told her.)

She asked me if I knew how I got my name! I think I should share! My mother (Kahlua) was cream (golden retriever x labrador) and my father was a black American Staffordshire Terrier! So he was the chocolate and Kahlua was the cream, and that's how I became Oreo Biscuit! Oh and my big boss regularly dresses like a pirate, so I became Oreo Sea Biscuit (the pirate dog)!  My bosses like the pirate stuff!

The cat (Razin) is named after a Russian pirate! Maybe that's why he thinks he can regularly bash me up! Maybe one day my bosses might buy a boat and go live on it! Though, would they take me with them if they did that??

Anyways, hope you have a happy waggy tailed day. Thank you for dropping by.


Friday, 5 October 2012

What is a birthday?

The talk in the house at the moment, is mostly of my bosses birthday - whatever one of those is!

Of course the cat is complaining about some blurry photo of him... But I'm intrigued about this birthday business! Apparently it is something you celebrate! I know what celebrate is - you eat things - but I've been told that I won't be getting anything special!
:( I bet the cat will get something special! I wish I understood what a birthday is... My boss says mine is coming up next month! She says I will be 3! Is that old? I still feel very puppy! My boss says I have a grey moustache! Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

She yelled at me the other day - I barked at some people looking at the neighbours house! She told me I needed to find some sense! Do I really need that? I am only a dog afterall!! Maybe I should find some sense and give it to my boss on my birthday! Is that how it works?

Maybe I should stop asking questions and get back to work! I am meant to be on duty! have a happy waggy tailed day.


Tuesday, 2 October 2012


I have a sneaking doggy suspicion that there is going to be a photoshoot this afternoon, when it cools off a little bit!

The big boss, the boss and the little boss all signed the official un-official contract for the little boss to be an apprentice photographer for TigerEye Freelance Photography! So I think there's going to be some lessons and I have heard the rumour that the boss is going to give lessons with the big camera! That is of course if the little boss can be pulled away from the garden!

I can feel it in my bones - I'm gonna be famous!

Hope you have a happy waggy tailed day!


Sunday, 30 September 2012

Ahh - The life of a dog!

I've had a great day! I've chatted with other dogs (which I never get to do at home) and I even got to play with one weird dog (he doesn't like children). And the pats, oh the pats! My boss has walked me around and chatted with people about all kinds of stuff! Why can't there be a gem festival everyday?? The people I've met have been kind and friendly and oh so willing to pat me!

My boss did good in bringing me out today! The day has been beautiful and sunny with a nice breeze! I've had bits of snacks and all sorts!

Oh what a day! I would certainly recommend going to the Emmaville GemFest again! (I'm hoping that my big biss will say yes to tomorrow being here! And maybe tomorrow the cat can come too!)

Now I'm going to go have a nap!

Have a happy waggy tailed day!


Emmaville GemFest

My boss came home late last night, complaining that she was freezing cold! She called me and chained me up on the veranda... I thought I was in trouble, but as it turned out - she wanted me to be dry!

This morning when she came out, she put my harness on and my halti and loaded me into the car!

The cat wanted to come too! But the boss said he could stay home!

So here I am at Emmaville GemFest with my boss and the little boss and Lady Tress (who works at Mystical-Spirit)! I've seen several dogs and had lots and lots of pats! And my little boss is learning to walk me! My boss keeps telling my little boss that she isn't supposed to let me eat anything I find! :( Nor is she allowed to allow me to go wherever I want or tangle around tables or people! :( But I'm out and about and happy!

Have a happy waggy tailed day!


Friday, 28 September 2012

I'm gonna be famous!!

Woof Woof!

I just heard the news!! My boss is teaching my little boss how to be a professional photographer! And I'm the star subject for practice pet shots!! :)

Ooh do I pose on my back, or do I sit nicely, or... I know... I coat myself in grass!! That's always a good one! I can sit with my tongue hanging out! Hmmm - left side, right side or straight out front - too many decisions!

Oh drat - That CAT has just informed me that he is the star pet! Why does he have to be in front of the cameras??

Anyway - I get to have more of my handsome face on TigerEye Freelance Photography and on the blog that goes with it! I'm so excited, I just have to dance around and wag my butt!! It's going to be so much fun! Two lenses to lick instead of just one! Oooh I hope the little bosses camera tastes good! (Technically I'm not allowed to lick the bosses camera - but that doesn't stop me from trying!!)

I'm gonna be famous!! I'm gonna be famous!! I'm gonna be famous!! :) Cant sleep now - must run around the yard like a mad thing!!

Hope you have a happy waggy tailed day! And thanks for dropping by! :)


Monday, 24 September 2012

That CAT

Hmrph... That cat just stepped out to rub in that his blog is more popular than mine! What does he do? He comes barreling out the back door and gives me a hug around the neck with teeth and claws! So much for a good day

Here I was minding my own business, trying to think about what I was going to share next when he comes out with this!! Arrgh...

Is it because he is cute and fluffy? I can look cute too!! I'm not so fluffy as him! My boss also tells me I stink - maybe thats the problem - maybe I do need a bath after all!!

I guess I'll just have to learn to be smart and handsome!

Hope you have a happy waggy tailed day! And thanks for dropping by! :)


Sunday, 23 September 2012


Hello again!

I managed to sneak back in and found my bosses computer unattended with its internet connection on so I decided I'd tell you about the CAT!

It all started a little over a year ago...

My boss, the Big Boss and the Little boss all went of to church as they normally do! But this particular day was different! Although I didn't know it until they came home!

It took my boss a little while to get out of the car. Then I noticed something small and fluffy in her hands! For a half a second (or was it longer??) I thought she had brought me a toy! But no... I wasn't introduced to the new comer for a few days! Then I was invited inside and well... There it was - a small black fluffy cat! I was told I wasn't allowed to touch it! I only wanted to play with it! It didn't want to play with me and I was soon sent back outside!

A few days later I was invited back in to have another go at meeting the cat!

Little did I know that I was now at the bottom of the pecking order! Not that I was ever at the top! But I thought that all new animals would be lower down the chain of command than me! Boy was I wrong!

Once this kitten learned how to use its claws, it started the tradition that is now called "Oreo Bashing"! It would put its little claws into me and make little painful holes in me! And all my boss said was "get used to it, for a cat is higher up the chain of command than a dog!"

And that is how it's been since! The cat sleeps inside and (if he speaks the truth) right next to my boss! On her pillow and sometimes curled up snug and warm under her blankets!

I must admit, a couple of months back I had a private laugh... The cat took a trip to the vet and was a little forgetful - he left his balls behind! But I don't dare tease him about it - his teeth and claws are very sharp!

I get the full run of the yard but the cat - he can only go as far as his lead! He wears a harness similar to the one I get to wear in the car - but this one is a lot smaller and red! It has a lead attached to it so he cant go far!

Since being here he's killed several skinks and one bird! So he is not allowed to wander! My boss doesn't like it when either of us kill animals. I have been put on my chain because I kill a lizard! And I've killed two birds. Sometimes I am a naughty dog! My boss doesn't yell at the cat like she yells at me! But then, I don't get offended like the cat does!

On the whole, the cat is a good play mate! He just forgets that I am sensitive! His claws hurt!

He bit me on the tail once - it hurt so much that I couldn't wag my tail! My boss just told me it was my own fault for trying to squish the cat! He looked like a comfy seat! Whats so wrong with wanting to park my butt on something soft and fluffy??

One really really good think about having a cat... He has a toilet in the house - a black container that he uses... It gets emptied every two days... And every two days I get to enjoy kitty truffles! My boss says its a disgusting habit and that I am feral, but I think that they are really yummy and nutritious!

My boss has gone to the extreme of putting up this electric fence around her garden where the kitty truffles get deposited! But I know how to get past that - I wait until after dark and then raid the garden! I know that I am dis-respecting my bosses rules and it upsets her greatly to see me in her garden, but kitty truffles are just soooooo yummy! And I cant get enough of them! I sometimes wish my boss would get a second cat!

Another story about how the cat treats me:
The entire family was down the back yard and I was on on side of the vegetable garden fence and the cat was on the other side... The cat decided that I needed to be on the same side of the fence as he was and so he decided that he would try and pull me through the fence! It hurt like crazy and I got yelled at for barking at him! That cat gets away with all kinds of stuff!

I guess I'm stuck with the cat until either him or I die!

It's not all bad with the cat! We do go skink hunting together! And our last skink get rescued by my boss and both the cat and I got growled at! Oh well, we had fun!

I'd better go - I think I can hear my boss coming back...

Hope you have a happy waggy tailed day! And thanks for dropping by! :)


Hello and Welcome

Hello and Welcome to Dogs Blog - a blog about a dog!! (me)

My name is Oreo Sea Biscuit, but my boss mostly calls me Oreo or O! She calls me a lot of other things - especially when I do something that makes her angry at me!

I am a handsome dog! Well, I like to think I am a handsome dog! My father is an American Staffordshire Terrior and my Mother (Kahlua) is a Labrador x Golden Retriever! So I am definitely a very handsome dog!

When I was about 8 months old, my boss, took me for a ride in the car! I expecting to go to some new place where I could run around and explore - but it was just the vet! Well aside from having needles shoved in me and a thermometer shoved up you don't wanna know where, she tells the vet to steal my balls! :( And now my boss teases me that I went to the vet and forgot my balls!

I was top puppy of nine! I say I was top puppy cause my boss begged and pleaded with my other boss (The Big Boss) to keep me! And I was kept! However a few months after my brothers and sisters went to a new home, my mother and aunt dragged me under the fence and tangled the three of us around something large in the neighbours yard! My boss was out at the time! But when she got home she came and rescued me and gave me hugs and a huge bucket of water! It wasn't long after that that my mother and aunt were packed up and sent away! Forever!

I wasn't even slightly sad! Although I do miss the three way dog fights! Not that my boss liked the three of us fighting! We never really hurt each other - except when we smashed into each other, and mostly it was my mother who went flying through the air!

My mother wasn't a very good mother! My boss would have to come out once a day when we were all small helpless puppies and hold my mother down long enough for us puppies to get a drink! I think my boss was glad to see my mother go to a new home!

One night I scored three dinners because my mother and my aunt had skipped out of the yard! They eventually came home and got what was left of their dinners!

I've never ran away, but I did wander up the road a bit until the Big Boss called me back! I was put on my 12m chain for a few days and have never wandered away since! But my boss still watches me!

I love being in my yard! I get fed heaps (not enough in my books, but my boss says I will get too fat if I eat much more. Apparently I'm at my optimum weight right now.). I get toys thrown for me to chase and I get taken for walks! And then there is the bones I get given!

Well, I'd better get off the computer and let the boss do some work! If she catches me inside I'll spend a few days on my chain! I'm only allowed in when I'm invited - whatever that means!

Hope you have a happy waggy tailed day! And thanks for dropping by! :)