Monday, 15 October 2012


My boss laughed at me again today... this time it was because she called me and I came running straight into the cats claws and teeth! I think that its not fair that I should be regularly bashed by the cat and no one comes to help me!
And when I do decide I need to defend myself, I get yelled at! The cat scares me! (Of course I chase any other cat I can - not that I'm allowed to!)
My boss thinks its funny that the cat can knock me off my feet and put me on my back!
How does the cat know all my wrestling moves?? Is it true that my boss wrestles with the cat, and teaches him all my moves, so that he can wrestle me and win?? That's just unfair! The cat always fights to win!

On a brighter note - we haven't had any cold white stuff falling from the sky!

I've done my best at defending the property! We had a bunch of people just up the road standing around talking... whenever they looked like the were coming my way I gave them some warning barks! I don't like people outside my yard...

If it wasn't for the cat, I'd go lay down and relax! But I'm not allowed to do that! I've been told that when he is outside I need to "look after" him! I think he can "look after" himself! And the lizards are outside too, so I need to make sure no-one can hurt them either!!

I guess I'd best get back to work!

Hope you have a happy waggy tailed day. Thanks for stopping by!

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