Saturday, 13 October 2012

What is that white stuff all over the ground?

My boss came flying out the back door yesterday with the camera in her hand... I thought she wanted photos of me - but no - she was all excited about the white stuff on the ground! It was really cold too!

Give a dog a break - I'm almost 3 and never seen this stuff before! I was told it is called snow! And apparently the day has been given the name of Snow Day! My boss didn't stay home long. The entire family went out! Not sure if the cat went with them or not, he probably did! They told me to get in my box and stay there! I wasn't offered a warm place inside! No I was told to look after the house and not get too wet! They left me! The last thing I remember the boss yelling at me before she drove off was "if you're cold sleep in your box - its carpeted!" So instead, I played in the snow! It wasn't much fun by myself!

When my boss finally came home I was growled at because I was all wet! I was told that if I had have stayed dry I might have been able to come inside for a few hours! So I sat on the back steps and sulked!

Today however, the sun is out!

Hope you have a happy waggy tailed day. Thank you for visiting.

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