Saturday, 6 October 2012

How I got my name

My boss found out that I've been sneaking in to use her computer... She's not happy with me, but - she has allowed me to continue my blog! (I bet the cat told her.)

She asked me if I knew how I got my name! I think I should share! My mother (Kahlua) was cream (golden retriever x labrador) and my father was a black American Staffordshire Terrier! So he was the chocolate and Kahlua was the cream, and that's how I became Oreo Biscuit! Oh and my big boss regularly dresses like a pirate, so I became Oreo Sea Biscuit (the pirate dog)!  My bosses like the pirate stuff!

The cat (Razin) is named after a Russian pirate! Maybe that's why he thinks he can regularly bash me up! Maybe one day my bosses might buy a boat and go live on it! Though, would they take me with them if they did that??

Anyways, hope you have a happy waggy tailed day. Thank you for dropping by.


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