Wednesday, 24 October 2012

hahaha...wash cat.... hahaha...toilet

What a cracker!! How to bath the cat! Love it! Although, I won't tell my boss to do that - knowing her - if I suggest that the cat get flushed a couple of times - I'd probably end up the one being flushed!! Besides, who knows what that cat of hers schemes in his fluffy little head!!

If I move to the wrong place he meows in a painful sounding way and I get in trouble for hurting him - even if I haven't so much as raised an eye brow in his direction! She is wrapped around all 4 of his paws! He thinks I'm just a stupid dog, but I see through his cunning and crafty act!

He gets fed for nothing and I have to work for my food! Its hard running around the yard barking at everything and anything that moves and looks light it might consider coming into the yard... What does the cat do all day?? Lays around sleeping in the sun!

He says his job is very important... But what's so important about sleeping??

I must admit, that without him I wouldn't have any of those yummy kitty truffle snacks! That's the only really important thing he needs to do - eat! So I get his truffles!!

I guess I'd better get back to work... gonna get a lot busier in the next few days, with Halloween coming up!

Halloween is one of my bosses pet hates! So I'm on duty making sure no-one disturbs her peace on that night!

Hope you have a happy waggy tailed day, and thanks for stopping by for a visit!

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