Friday, 5 October 2012

What is a birthday?

The talk in the house at the moment, is mostly of my bosses birthday - whatever one of those is!

Of course the cat is complaining about some blurry photo of him... But I'm intrigued about this birthday business! Apparently it is something you celebrate! I know what celebrate is - you eat things - but I've been told that I won't be getting anything special!
:( I bet the cat will get something special! I wish I understood what a birthday is... My boss says mine is coming up next month! She says I will be 3! Is that old? I still feel very puppy! My boss says I have a grey moustache! Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

She yelled at me the other day - I barked at some people looking at the neighbours house! She told me I needed to find some sense! Do I really need that? I am only a dog afterall!! Maybe I should find some sense and give it to my boss on my birthday! Is that how it works?

Maybe I should stop asking questions and get back to work! I am meant to be on duty! have a happy waggy tailed day.


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