Sunday, 23 September 2012

Hello and Welcome

Hello and Welcome to Dogs Blog - a blog about a dog!! (me)

My name is Oreo Sea Biscuit, but my boss mostly calls me Oreo or O! She calls me a lot of other things - especially when I do something that makes her angry at me!

I am a handsome dog! Well, I like to think I am a handsome dog! My father is an American Staffordshire Terrior and my Mother (Kahlua) is a Labrador x Golden Retriever! So I am definitely a very handsome dog!

When I was about 8 months old, my boss, took me for a ride in the car! I expecting to go to some new place where I could run around and explore - but it was just the vet! Well aside from having needles shoved in me and a thermometer shoved up you don't wanna know where, she tells the vet to steal my balls! :( And now my boss teases me that I went to the vet and forgot my balls!

I was top puppy of nine! I say I was top puppy cause my boss begged and pleaded with my other boss (The Big Boss) to keep me! And I was kept! However a few months after my brothers and sisters went to a new home, my mother and aunt dragged me under the fence and tangled the three of us around something large in the neighbours yard! My boss was out at the time! But when she got home she came and rescued me and gave me hugs and a huge bucket of water! It wasn't long after that that my mother and aunt were packed up and sent away! Forever!

I wasn't even slightly sad! Although I do miss the three way dog fights! Not that my boss liked the three of us fighting! We never really hurt each other - except when we smashed into each other, and mostly it was my mother who went flying through the air!

My mother wasn't a very good mother! My boss would have to come out once a day when we were all small helpless puppies and hold my mother down long enough for us puppies to get a drink! I think my boss was glad to see my mother go to a new home!

One night I scored three dinners because my mother and my aunt had skipped out of the yard! They eventually came home and got what was left of their dinners!

I've never ran away, but I did wander up the road a bit until the Big Boss called me back! I was put on my 12m chain for a few days and have never wandered away since! But my boss still watches me!

I love being in my yard! I get fed heaps (not enough in my books, but my boss says I will get too fat if I eat much more. Apparently I'm at my optimum weight right now.). I get toys thrown for me to chase and I get taken for walks! And then there is the bones I get given!

Well, I'd better get off the computer and let the boss do some work! If she catches me inside I'll spend a few days on my chain! I'm only allowed in when I'm invited - whatever that means!

Hope you have a happy waggy tailed day! And thanks for dropping by! :)


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