Sunday, 30 September 2012

Emmaville GemFest

My boss came home late last night, complaining that she was freezing cold! She called me and chained me up on the veranda... I thought I was in trouble, but as it turned out - she wanted me to be dry!

This morning when she came out, she put my harness on and my halti and loaded me into the car!

The cat wanted to come too! But the boss said he could stay home!

So here I am at Emmaville GemFest with my boss and the little boss and Lady Tress (who works at Mystical-Spirit)! I've seen several dogs and had lots and lots of pats! And my little boss is learning to walk me! My boss keeps telling my little boss that she isn't supposed to let me eat anything I find! :( Nor is she allowed to allow me to go wherever I want or tangle around tables or people! :( But I'm out and about and happy!

Have a happy waggy tailed day!


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