Sunday, 23 September 2012


Hello again!

I managed to sneak back in and found my bosses computer unattended with its internet connection on so I decided I'd tell you about the CAT!

It all started a little over a year ago...

My boss, the Big Boss and the Little boss all went of to church as they normally do! But this particular day was different! Although I didn't know it until they came home!

It took my boss a little while to get out of the car. Then I noticed something small and fluffy in her hands! For a half a second (or was it longer??) I thought she had brought me a toy! But no... I wasn't introduced to the new comer for a few days! Then I was invited inside and well... There it was - a small black fluffy cat! I was told I wasn't allowed to touch it! I only wanted to play with it! It didn't want to play with me and I was soon sent back outside!

A few days later I was invited back in to have another go at meeting the cat!

Little did I know that I was now at the bottom of the pecking order! Not that I was ever at the top! But I thought that all new animals would be lower down the chain of command than me! Boy was I wrong!

Once this kitten learned how to use its claws, it started the tradition that is now called "Oreo Bashing"! It would put its little claws into me and make little painful holes in me! And all my boss said was "get used to it, for a cat is higher up the chain of command than a dog!"

And that is how it's been since! The cat sleeps inside and (if he speaks the truth) right next to my boss! On her pillow and sometimes curled up snug and warm under her blankets!

I must admit, a couple of months back I had a private laugh... The cat took a trip to the vet and was a little forgetful - he left his balls behind! But I don't dare tease him about it - his teeth and claws are very sharp!

I get the full run of the yard but the cat - he can only go as far as his lead! He wears a harness similar to the one I get to wear in the car - but this one is a lot smaller and red! It has a lead attached to it so he cant go far!

Since being here he's killed several skinks and one bird! So he is not allowed to wander! My boss doesn't like it when either of us kill animals. I have been put on my chain because I kill a lizard! And I've killed two birds. Sometimes I am a naughty dog! My boss doesn't yell at the cat like she yells at me! But then, I don't get offended like the cat does!

On the whole, the cat is a good play mate! He just forgets that I am sensitive! His claws hurt!

He bit me on the tail once - it hurt so much that I couldn't wag my tail! My boss just told me it was my own fault for trying to squish the cat! He looked like a comfy seat! Whats so wrong with wanting to park my butt on something soft and fluffy??

One really really good think about having a cat... He has a toilet in the house - a black container that he uses... It gets emptied every two days... And every two days I get to enjoy kitty truffles! My boss says its a disgusting habit and that I am feral, but I think that they are really yummy and nutritious!

My boss has gone to the extreme of putting up this electric fence around her garden where the kitty truffles get deposited! But I know how to get past that - I wait until after dark and then raid the garden! I know that I am dis-respecting my bosses rules and it upsets her greatly to see me in her garden, but kitty truffles are just soooooo yummy! And I cant get enough of them! I sometimes wish my boss would get a second cat!

Another story about how the cat treats me:
The entire family was down the back yard and I was on on side of the vegetable garden fence and the cat was on the other side... The cat decided that I needed to be on the same side of the fence as he was and so he decided that he would try and pull me through the fence! It hurt like crazy and I got yelled at for barking at him! That cat gets away with all kinds of stuff!

I guess I'm stuck with the cat until either him or I die!

It's not all bad with the cat! We do go skink hunting together! And our last skink get rescued by my boss and both the cat and I got growled at! Oh well, we had fun!

I'd better go - I think I can hear my boss coming back...

Hope you have a happy waggy tailed day! And thanks for dropping by! :)


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