Friday, 2 November 2012

Squish the cat, Squish the cat - its time to play squish the cat!! :)

Firstly - to play the game "Squish the Cat" you need to entice the cat outside - or in the case of my cat - i just need to tangle myself in his lead and I can pull him outside! Then as quickly as you can you need to throw yourself on the cat! Thus you successfully squish the cat! But -  you need to be ready at any moment to move at the speed of lightning - some cats will call out to the boss with a distressed sound - that is your cue to move as far away and as fast as possibly so you don't get caught squishing the cat!

Yesterday in my game I found myself with the cats head in my mouth! Bit too fluffy for my liking! Apparently I wounded him and my boss was not happy with me...

I decided to try and continue my game today... But the boss caught me! She yelled too! The cat had already gone feral and was attacking anything and everything that moved!

I was kinda hoping that she would put the cat down for biting her! But it never happened!

See - my mum (Kahlua) told me of a dog that lived her once and is buried in the back yard! This dog attacked my mum and my boss had to keep the two apart! But then this dog bit my boss and the dog was put down!

Every dog has been warned that the punishment for biting the boss is death! So I was kinda hoping that if I could encourage the cat to bite the boss then he would find himself on the receiving end of a final needle from the vet! But no - all it got me was this chain around my neck and being ignored! And the cat - he got fed fresh food and even baby spinach leaves! (These are a treat for him that he just cant get enough of!)

Somehow the balance is tilted in the cats favour! I don't think I'll be playing squish the cat for a while! He has again gained the upper paw!

So while I'm in "solitary confinement" in my dog box - I hope you have a happy waggy tailed day.


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