Thursday, 4 September 2014

Hunted and plucked!

Spring is here and so is plucking season!

Mum and dad decided today to hunt me down and pluck me!

I was out playing with Turbo (who really should be called "slowmo"), when the two commenced their hunt. I slipped past them twice, but then dad used his authority voice and I laid down. They pounced, and commenced the first pluck of the season. And boy do I feel better! The first lot of winter coat has gone! And if it is anything like last season, then they will need to pluck and brush my coat out of me right through until winter!
My coat is so thick, and my feet just can't do it all. I am glad that mum and dad help me. Otherwise I'd roast in summer!
Last year I had the cat helping me! I still remember the beard he wore! Made him look distinguished and cute!
Now that I'm wearing less coat I can be even faster than Slowmo!!

Wishing you many comfortable happy barky days!

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