Friday, 26 September 2014

Built in blankets...

Mum says I have built in blankets on my bum! She says this because my winter fur is coming out quicker then she can get rid of it! Thus, the tufts are becoming mats and mum doesn't want my mats to become blankets! Which in some spots is starting to happen!
So to solve the issue she tackled me to the ground and brushed my bum! She got a "mountain" of fur! And she says I still have more to be brushed out! The problem I have is that my bum and my man bits are very close, and I don't want my man bits brushed! Up until now mum had just been pulling out whatever tufts she could see. But then she spied the mats, and the brush came out! I moaned and struggled to get away. Then dad stepped in and helped mum! I was hoping he would help me! But he says that if mum says the mats must go, then the mats must go.
At least I'm going to get fed shortly. I'll be outside again, out of the reach of the brush!

Wishing you many happy barky days!


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