Thursday, 11 June 2015


Mummy told me today that a horse would arrive!

A horse. Can you believe that? I am expected to share my yard with a horse!

Mum says she is beautiful!

I think she's huge! She's dark. She eats grass. And she did this crazy thing of laying on her back and kicking her legs in the air!

Dad says she is borrowed, and I say her owner can come get her!

I had the worst experience ever. I was put on my chain and she was let in the yard. She walked right up to me. She wanted to eat me! I'm sure of it!

Mum says I barked until my face was white with foam! Dad pointed to the spots of foam between my eyes! It wouldn't have happened if they hadn't let that thing in my yard!

I hope she is not coming on our trip with us! I'm not giving her my seat in the car!

Her owner turned up. I thought he was going to take her away, but he only lead her right down the back. Dad says she can munch all that out for the next couple of days! Mum says that Marly needs to be put into the bigger section of the yard the morning we go!

Marly gets to be the guard dog for a little while!

After she was put way down the back, I relaxed. But Turbo (also known as Slowmo) wouldn't leave her alone! He barked and barked and barked.

Marlys owner said that Marly ignores dogs barking at her, but if the dog gets close enough and jump up, she kicks out at them! Hope Slowmo heard that and doesn't try to eat her! I think he would stink if she kicked him! Apparently horses can kill dogs! And I think Slowmos people wouldn't find him for a few days! (He lets himself out for walks, so they might assume he's out walking himself!)

I'm now going to go back to my warm spot in front of the fire!!

Wishing you many happy barky days!


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