Saturday, 6 June 2015

Adopt a fox!

What?! Is my mum crazy? She is considering the idea of adopting a fox as a pet! People shoot those annoying critters! Farmers hate them! Yet, apparently, there is an adopt a fox agency in Sydney! I need to look into that! And apparently, here in New South Wales, foxes are not labeled a feral species!

And now mum is very much liking the idea of adopting a fox, having a borrowed horse, having two cats and me! I'm not even ok with the idea of two cats! The last one shredded my ears, punched my nose, bit me, scratched me and got me in trouble! And she wants two of them?

And as for this fox - I won't have to share my fire place with it will I? Apparently I will have to share my fire place with the cats when they arrive!

Oh no. I won't be sharing the fire with the horse will I?

No, mum, I don't want any more fur babies living here! Especially if it means I have to share my place in front of the fire with them!

Wishing you many happy barky days!


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