Sunday, 5 April 2015

The horse next door

Are we certain that it is a horse? It has 4 legs, I have 4 legs. It has a tail, I have a tail. It has 2 ears, I have 2 ears. Though, it is a weird shaped dog! It makes strange noises too!

Mum and Dad kept their word to the "horse" and dumped 3 large baskets of grass in its yard. Mum noticed that the grass is starting to grow in spots, but those are the same spots that the "horse" is eating!

If it is a big weird dog, why does it eat grass? I only eat grass to vomit!

It came real close to Mum, she must be gaining its trust. It was about a dog length (that is big dog length, not rodent dog length) away from her before it got worried about its proximity to her!

Its sopping wet. Its muddied its "shelter", which is nothing more than a large cage with a trampoline on top! Great for shade, but useless for rain! Dad wonders why they didn't offer it their wood shed as a shelter!

Dad said today that if the "horse" looses condition, they were going to call the pound or RSPCA!

If mum wasn't concerned about it she wouldn't have dumped a pile of grass on its side of the fence!

I still think its a weird shaped dog. And I still wonder why Mum and Dad growl at me for barking at it for not running up and down the fence like Slowmo did!

By the way, where is Slowmo, haven't seen him for a couple of days?!

Wishing you many happy barky days!


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