Wednesday, 1 April 2015

I stink.

My mum attacked me today. She had a spray bottle in her hand and, she made me stinky. I stink of tea-tree oil. She sprayed me with tea-tree oil!
Of course, there is a perfectly logical reason (according to mum) for this behaviour. She is still trying to combat my fleas!
She says I am guilty of aiding and abetting criminals in my coat! So every couple of days she sprays me and my bedding.
And she says that since doing this there have been less fleas in the house and less fleas on me. I must admit I am sleeping better for it! Not needing to scratch as much! But I do wish it didn't make me stink like this.
She sprays my more sensitive areas. Like my arm pits, my belly, and around my ears. She has even started with the top of my head!
She's hoping that the fleas will eventually get the message and move out! I hope so too!

Wishing you many happy barky (flea free) days!


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