Monday, 27 April 2015

That horse thing

The horse next door is no longer next door! It's in MY yard!

It busted the top piece of wire and let itself into my grassy paradise!

There was a guy who was trying to get the horse back in the neighbours yard, but mum said to leave him here to eat! And eat he is! Though, he hasn't dented the grass at all!

I ran around barking at him, trying to make him fly back over the fence, all that got me was shut inside the house! Mum and dad are perfectly ok with the horse in my yard!

Mum went out and got some photos of him. She noticed he has some scratch marks down his back legs which are consistent with fence busting and jumping! There are even tufts of white horse hair in the grass! (mum took photos of that too, and the busted fence wire).

In mums opinion the wire was damaged at time of putting up, then strained well, then with the added pressure from the horse, it snapped. I wonder what the neighbours will think!

Mums happy she has a horse in the yard, dad is happy the grass is being partially mowed, I am not happy and can not relax! But the horse is happy, he's getting some grass in his belly! So I guess that is good! Apparently his owner will be here sometime after 11am to collect him. Good luck with that! He's a skittish one!

Wishing you many happy barky days!


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